Black helicopter conspiracies…

Black Helicopter Conspiracy

The government is out to get me. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean it isn’t true.
I hear it starts with censorship and then more drastic things happen, like wedgie boarding. I found out today that my blog feed has not been working for a while. For a split second I thought I might have screwed up some HTML tags or done something else stupid technically. Then I realized that’s impossible. I know how to operate Microsoft Word, Adobe Elements, and The Clapper after all.

“Impressive Chewing” Technology to Secure Israel’s Borders

Israel's CCAD (Cud Chewing Antelope of Doom) Defense System

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) recently fielded a new top-secret weapon designed to secure border areas. A covert IDF operative, recently back from deployment, and blogging under the code name Doubletapper, describes the new weapons system: The latest addition to the arsenal: a group of African antelope, each weighing nearly 1100 pounds. The antelope have […]

Revisionist History Corner: The Declaration of Dependence

Today’s episode of Revisionist History Corner brings Part 1 of a series on our country’s founding document, herefore to be know as the Declaration of Dependence. Rather than be an apathetic slug blogger and wait to comment on someone else’s revisionist efforts, I figure I’ll be proactive and start rewriting things myself. Let’s take a […]