Tough working conditions for criminals – only you can help

With all the recent focus on the greatest depression the world has even known, it’s easy to forget the other crises we have on our hands.  Hard economic times make for tough working conditions for people like Joe Homeinvader. “Well yeah, it’s gettin’ tough out there.  Every time I kick in the door, or smash […]

Can we spare a billion to save our criminal education system?

Face it.  Not all criminals have the advantages of a first rate education that newly appointed Treasury Secretary Geithner has enjoyed.  Burglary, assault, tax evasion, and drunk and disorderly conduct are not skills easily mastered without proper training and education opportunities.  In today’s global economy, the ability of our hoodlums to compete is vital to […]

Armed Robber Turns Into Goat. Goat Detained.


Why did I not think of this?  Instead of worrying about crime avoidance strategies, I can just transform into a farm animal and blend into the scenery. This strategy might not work as well in city environments though. LAGOS (Reuters) – Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. Vigilantes […]

Hands up and gimme your water!

Apparently water companies need to think about installing silent alarms, bullet proof glass, and full time security guards… Robber mistakes building for a bank, demands cash The Associated Press NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. — Police said a man showed a gun and tried to rob a bank, but he wasn’t in one. The Jessamine South Elkhorn Water […]

Gun Salesman of the Year Outsells Mighty Putty!


  Can anyone (except Willy Loman of course) outsell Billy Mays? Apparently the CEO of the Office of the President Elect can. I just ran across a couple of posts by SayUncle and Call me Ahab that pointed to yet another record month of gun sales since the election. According to the FBI, background checks […]

Always use eye and ear protection when exploding bananas on your head!

From The Ridiculant Blog… Exploding banana head man, we salute you While we’re wary of succumbing to hubris, we nonetheless feel fairly confident in saying that this will be the weirdest video you’ll see online today. It’s one of the of the finest examples we’ve ever seen of the always-popular ‘man with his head covered […]