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As you can see, expansion was picture perfect, even when fired through four layers of fabric.

Ammo Test: Barnes TAC-XP .45 ACP +P

Barnes has offered pretty amazing projectiles to other ammunition manufacturers and reloaders for some time. More recently, they’ve launched their own line of loaded self-defense handgun ammunition. Available in .380 ACP, 9mm +P, .40 S&W, .45 ACP … [Read More...]

Do you use that handy lever on the side or your support hand to snap the slide back and release it?

Why I Don’t Use the Slide Release Lever

Have you ever noticed that when two people sit behind a desk on TV after 8pm, they can’t even seem to agree on anything, like whether or not Howard Stern has bad breath? Top shooting instructors have the same issue, although I don’t think they … [Read More...]

Beretta's 1301 Tactical Shotgun equipped with a Mesa Tactical SureShell Shotshell Carrier.

A Handy Upgrade for the Beretta 1301 Shotgun

I’ve been testing out a new product from Mesa Tactical for my Beretta 1301 Tactical shotgun: The SureShell Aluminum Shotshell Carrier. Called a side-saddle by some, this piece of gear allows you to carry extra shells on the side of the receiver for … [Read More...]

Milking the gun tends to move the point of impact low and to the side.

Are You Milking the Trigger?

As I was born in the not-very-rural oceanside town of Corona Del Mar, I know less about milking cows than I do about birthing llamas. But I'm pretty sure that effective cow milking involves squeezing the udders with various degrees of pressure to get … [Read More...]

I recently tried these, and am now totally spoiled.

The Ultimate Hearing Protection Solution?

I've got a serious bug up my butt about hearing protection. Even now, in the year 2015, I go to my local outdoor shooting range and see people who are not wearing ear protection. Worse yet, I see people bring kids to this range, also without hearing … [Read More...]

This Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun has ghost ring sights - for good reason.

Exactly How Precise Is A Shotgun?

At this point, you might be thinking, “He's using the words precise AND shotgun in the same sentence? Is this guy nuts?” Well, that depends. I’m talking about whether a shotgun can be “precise” or not. We won’t discuss my sanity just yet. The … [Read More...]

Shooting etiquette is so confusing. I can never remember if you work from the outside in, or inside out. Is it “.22’s and .380’s first” or are they used for dessert? And which one is correct to use with the main course?

Mr. Manners School of Shooting Range Etiquette

When I grow up, I’m going to start a charm school for shooting. You know, like cotillion. That’s where exasperated parents sent us poorly behaved children to learn about proper fork and spoon use and doing the Foxtrot safely while wearing braces. … [Read More...]

The AR rifles on this list are solid base models ready for gear and customization.

5 Great AR Rifles for Less Than $1,000

The great Obama AR-15 Sale of 2013 is over, sort of. Yes, fears about political shenanigans like green tip 5.56mm ammo bans and other nonsensical moves are driving sales, but we’ve moved on from the time when there were no AR-rifles of any type … [Read More...]

Shooting your furniture wreaks havoc on that lustrous lemon shine.

How I Shot My Dining Room Table…

You know the four rules of gun safety, right? If you don't, you should, else you might destroy your furniture. That’s almost always tough on the wax finish. Trust me, I know. A gun is ALWAYS loaded, so treat it accordingly. Keep your finger off … [Read More...]

We're talking short range optics, but you can always add a magnifier.

Top 5 Short-range AR Optics

What’s the “best” anyway? It all depends on the ranking criteria, right? Is the “best” car one that hits 60mph in 2.9 seconds or one that can tow the lower half of South Dakota to Manitoba? The same goes with optics, so as I own the ink until this … [Read More...]

Real Avid's new Pistol Tool

Real Avid’s New Pistol Tool

The folks at Real Avid have a knack for stuffing a whole lot of useful gun tools into one implement that’ll fit in your front pocket. The Gun Tool, for example, which packs 18 of the most frequently used tools for rifles and shotguns in a little an … [Read More...]

This Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact with a SilencerCo Sparrow might be the ideal first-time shooter combo.

The Silencer Surge: Be VERY Quiet!

It’s unfortunate but true: The sound from a single gunshot can permanently damage your hearing. Permanent hearing loss results from each and every exposure to a dangerous sound level—and it might not be evident for years. So it’s obvious that you … [Read More...]