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This is....not the right way to clean your handgun.

How to Clean Your Handgun

Back when I was younger and even more naïve than I am now, I owned a restaurant and attended a seminar presented by the world's leading expert on cleaning things. He pointed out one thing that I remember to this day: bad mopping technique. What … [Read More...]

The P226 Air Pistols look and feel like the real thing. The real Sig's de-cocking lever is actually the safety on the air pistols. Push up to fire and down to put on safe.

New Gun Test: Sig Sauer Air Pistols

While at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville, I had one of those awkward moments when you bump into someone you think you know, but you’re momentarily stumped. While at the Sig Sauer booth I saw a guy that looked very … [Read More...]

Expansion was picture perfect for all projectiles fired.

Ammo Test: Barnes TAC-XPD .40 S&W

Over the years, .40 S&W has been disparaged as a mediocre compromise round. You’ve probably heard some of the descriptions. .40 Slow and Weak .40 Short and Weak I’ve never really understood that. Sure, most cartridges have pros and cons … [Read More...]

Wonder 9 or Eurotrash?

Concealed Carry Myths: 9mm Is Useless Eurotrash

I have irrefutable proof that the 9mm cartridge is, in fact, ineffective Eurotrash. Here goes. In the movie 22 Jump Street, in one of the final scenes, a goon using a Sig Sauer P229 9mm shoots Channing Tatum in the arm. Jonah Hill dove in front of … [Read More...]

Our Shooting Range Safety Darwin Award Grand Masters! Read on to find out why...

Top 5 Worst Gun Safety Moves I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve seen some doozies when it comes to gun safety violations. Looking at this list, it’s a miracle that I’ve not seen more events that lead to episodes of Untold Stories of the ER. I do much of my shooting at an outdoor range, smack in the middle … [Read More...]

Your gun, plus a new slide, barrel, and magazine, makes a great .22LR pistol.

Review: Beretta 92 .22LR Practice Kit Conversion

Seriously? You’re reviewing a .22LR conversion kit? Are you guys nuts? Don’t you know .22LR ammo hasn’t been seen since 1967? Yeah, I know, .22LR ammo is harder to find than a Jenny Craig meal at Governor Chris Christie’s house. If you do find some, … [Read More...]

Will this stock Smith & Wesson M&P 10 .308 shoot consistently at 1,000 yards?

1,000 Yards with a Smith & Wesson M&P 10?

Can You Shoot 1,000 Yards with an AR-10? Well, can you? Conventional wisdom says no. After all, AR’s are semi-automatic designs, with hot burning gas of doom smothering all the important parts like gravy over Cracker Barrel's Chicken Fried Chicken. … [Read More...]

The FNS 9 Compact comes with three magazines.

Gun Review: FNS 9 Compact

New this year from FN America, formerly FNH USA, are compact models of their FNS series guns. Available in both 9mm and .40 S&W, the Compact models share the same basic design features as their bigger siblings but are sized for carry. I … [Read More...]

This Steiner optic offers adjustments in .1 milliradian increments. What's a milliradian? Read on...

Mil-Dot Made Easy

The Mil-Dot system is exceptionally versatile - if you know how to use it. If you drive a submarine, you can use them to figure out how far away you are from a ship that needs torpedoing. If you shoot a rifle, you can use mil-dot to hold the correct … [Read More...]

We tested the .40 S&W Winchester Train and Defend in several different guns including this suppressed Glock.

Ammo Test: Winchester Train and Defend .40 S&W

One of the first questions I ask when testing a new product of any kind is “What’s different or unique about this?” In the case of Winchester Train and Defend Ammunition, there are a few “unique” elements to consider. It’s simple, especially for … [Read More...]